If you have ever been to Tampa in Florida before, you have likely seen the bridges that lead to St. Petersburg. It is a city that is adjacent to Largo, a major part of the Tampa Bay area. It is a beautiful location that is known for its wonderful weather, and it is also a very popular golfing destination. Second only to Naples, which is further south, you really can find better golf courses than you will in St. Petersburg. If you want to travel there this year, you may also want to do a couple other activities. The following suggestions are ones that you should consider if you want to travel there this year.

The Dali Museum

Although most people have heard of Picasso or Rembrandts, some have never heard of Dali. There is actually a museum there which is showcasing all of the paintings that he was able to do years ago. It is something that is astounding in regard to the quality of the collection, and the sheer volume of surrealist work that he was able to do. If you like art, you should definitely stop by the Dali Museum and see what it has to offer.

St. Petersburg Speedboat Adventure

If you really want to have fun, you definitely need to go out on the water. There is nothing like a sunset cruise that will take you into the Gulf or right into Tampa Bay. However, if speed is your thing, you definitely want to get on a speedboat ride that can take you extremely fast across the water so you can see St. Petersburg from off the coastline.

While you are there, you can also go to parks, take tours of the city, and also do a little bit of fishing on Skyway Fishing Pier. You are also very close to portions of the Everglades, and you can have a lot of fun going there and possibly seeing alligators. If you don’t mind humid weather, and you would like to have fun with friends and family, or perhaps a significant other, this is the place to be. You can do horseback riding tours, or you can just go down to the beach and get a tan. It is a wonderful location, one that you should spend a couple weeks that in order to take advantage of all the activities that are there.