A trip into the Sunshine State is really not complete unless you can spend some time in St. Petersburg. You need to go past Tampa, and right on the edge of Tampa Bay is this beautiful city. It’s a place that you will certainly enjoy, in part of the reason is that it has so much variety. It’s a great place for getting some of the best beer, going scuba diving, snorkeling, and even experiencing what it feels like to be on a luxury yacht. Here are some vacation tips that you ought to consider if you are going to be spending a few weeks in St. Petersburg.

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

What is unique about this particular location is that, like Central Park in New York City, it’s right in the middle of the city. It’s actually a nature preserve, and you are going to see gopher tortoises, birds, and alligators all over the area. You might see an occasional diamondback rattlesnake, but that’s probably rare. Overall, it’s very cheap, and you will not be in danger at any time despite how many animals are in the area.

Segway Tours Through St. Petersburg

If you have not been on a Segway before, you are in for a real treat. To imagine that you can stand on this rolling apparatus, holding a handle, and never losing balance, it’s hard to imagine tell you do it. You can take tours on these unique vehicles all throughout St. Petersburg that will take you into the historical regions. You will get to see some of the more beautiful homes, and also historic sites where the first commercial plane took off.

Other Places You Can Go

there should be a few other places that you visit including art museums, fishing piers, and other parks that are available. If you are going to do tours, you need to take some out on the water. You can do a dolphin watch tour, and even take a speedboat adventure that will take you at high speeds across Tampa Bay.

Of all of the memorable trips that you will take in your life, this will definitely be at the top of your list. There are so many things that you can do. You can also travel outside of the city, heading into Tampa, Orlando, or you may had all the way up to Tallahassee. Schedule your trip as soon as you can to have fun in St. Petersburg.