ST. PETERSBURG, FL — A St. Petersburg man has been jailed after reportedly throwing a carrier containing a cat into a ditch filled with water.

Scott Ellis Rush, 48, who also goes by the name Antonio Ellis Kidd, was charged with animal cruelty after a witness reported Rush’s actions to police.

According to St. Petersburg Police, on Wednesday, Jan. 9, a witness said Rush first threw the cat carrier with the cat inside into a ditch. When he realized that someone was watching him, the witness said he retrieved the carrier and took it to a nearby Dumpster behind a business at 4444 4th Street North. There, he removed the cat from the carrier and began kicking and beating the animal.

The cat managed to get away and was retrieved by police who took it to a veterinarian for treatment and then brought it to Pinellas Animal Services where the cat is now recuperating from the abuse.

Rush is a registered sex offender who lives at 340 40th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. A judge set his bond at $25,000 and ordered that he have no contact with animals.

Images via St. Pete Police

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